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How to Use Passion Projects to Get Noticed, Get Clients, and Get Paid!

Join me for my first ever FREE mini-course for an inside look at my creative process and philosophy, and see how side projects have helped me kickstart my career and land my dream clients. If you're a creative who wants to kick off the new year with a serious dose of motivation and inspiration, this mini-course is my gift to you!

People often ask how I found success in the hand lettering industry at such a young age, and the answer is: side projects! When I graduated from design school in 2013, I was no more talented or hungry than the next wide-eyed, recent college grad, but I was more resourceful and proactive. Side projects have been (and still are) my secret weapon to success in the creative industry.

Video 1: Marketing Magic

Learn my #1 tip for attracting loads of free publicity to your work

Video 2: The Game-Changer Client

Discover the important client you're probably neglecting.

Video 3: Don't Wait, DIY!

How I turned a side project into a business (and you can too!)

Lauren Hom Designer & Illustrator

Lauren is a designer and letterer who's currently working while traveling the world. She has illustrated for clients like Starbucks, Google, and TIME Magazine, and her work has been recognized by Communication Arts, the Art Directors Club, the Type Directors Club, the One Club, and the Webby Awards. Lauren is also the author of the popular blog (and now book) Daily Dishonesty. Her motto is, and always will be, "Work hard, snack often." 

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